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committee working with a sticky notes https://unsplash.com/photos/Oalh2MojUukMake the most of your PNACAC membership and get involved! As a volunteer organization, we rely upon our members to give of their time and expertise to fulfill our mission and strategic plan. No matter how long you have been in your profession, your experience can make a difference!

Each PNACAC Committee works toward organizational goals in its own way; this may include conducting meetings, developing programs, completing projects, and communicating with members and non-members alike. Committee Chairs are responsible for their committee's goals and coordinating committee members, as well as serving on the PNACAC Executive Board.

In addition to contributing to the overall purpose of PNACAC, volunteering on a committee is also a fantastic opportunity for networking and professional growth. Email any Committee Chair to learn more about how you can contribute, or see if any committees are looking for help with a project that interests you.


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Admission Practices | Responsible for monitoring the NACAC Code of Ethics and Professional Practices as it applies to the PNACAC membership. It alerts members of new practices and procedures in college admission and to formulate and recommend needed changes.

Awards and Recognition | Endeavors to honor exemplary professionals among our membership and the professional community.

College FairsConsists of local, on-site fair hosts and volunteers who work to coordinate efforts of the fairs to equitably and successfully provide area students with access to the highest-quality event possible. 

Communications | Responsible for ensuring all members are kept up to date on organization news.

Diversity, Equity and Access (DEA) | Responsible for developing policy recommendations and implementing programs to assist those who may face challenges in accessing postsecondary educational opportunities. The DEA also provides support and resources to underserved members of PNACAC.

Finance | Oversees the compliance of PNACAC's fiscal policies and help guide the financial direction of the organization. The Finance Committee is made up of the President, President-Elect, Past-President, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, Past-Treasurer, and one at-large Delegate.

Government Relations | Responsible for effectively representing the best interests of PNACAC members to NACAC as well as to local, regional and national legislators.

Inter-Association | Promotes the value of PNACAC membership to corollary college counseling organizations that share a common vision and endorse and adhere to the CEPP of NACAC.

Membership | Promotes and increases membership in PNACAC and advises the Membership Chair regarding membership issues.

National College Fairs | Provides support to the National College Fair Chairs for the planning and execution of the four National College Fairs hosted in the region (Boise, Portland, Seattle, Spokane).

Professional Development | Responsible for developing policy recommendations and programs that will assist members in their professional growth and development.

Technology | Responsible for regular maintenance, evaluation, and improvement of the PNACAC website and technology applications, as well as ensuring appropriate access to and storage of electronic records.

Tribal Relations | Foster PNACAC's relationships with Native communities throughout the region, provide support to American Indian and Alaska Native student and Nations, and increase representation of these communities in PNACAC.