PNACAC Board Open Positions

PNACAC members are part of a professional organization that promotes ethical standards and provides resources, through its members, to guide and empower students as they navigate their post-secondary options. We are able to do this because year after year, our members volunteer to serve on our committees and our Board. Serving on the Executive Board is an exciting opportunity to develop leadership skills, project plan, discuss issues facing our region, and work with other thought leaders on solutions that help shape the future of this organization.

Outgoing committee chairs finishing their terms have done an amazing job and we are in search of individuals who are interested in building on the work they have completed and fulfilling the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan. Our president Claire Nold-Glaser and president-elect Patrick Wilson are focused on looking ahead at what is possible for our Association and how we can best serve our members. PNACAC encourages members to apply for one of these open positions (see position descriptions here):

  • President-Elect - Must be from secondary level / high school side for 2020. Must be a NACAC Voting Member by July 15.
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Secretary
  • InterAssociation Chair
  • Technology Chair
  • Professional Development Co-Chair
  • Delegate - Must be a NACAC Voting Member by July 15.
  • Regional College Fair Co-Chair - This position is pending approval of the membership. In the interim, there is currently an appointed ex-officio who plans on applying for the position at this time.
  • Community College Relations & Transfer Advocacy

Before you begin the process, please note:

  • Your PNACAC Membership Username and Password are required to access the application. If you do not know your PNACAC username and password, please use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links.
  • Applications are due Friday, February 21.
  • You may apply for more than one position by submitting a single application.
  • A resume and cover letter are required.
  • PNACAC Executive Board Positions are on three-year term commitments, require work beyond normal hours and must attend the following each year:
    • Summer Board Retreat (2 days in late July / early August)
    • Winter Board Meeting (1 day in late November / early December)
    • Spring Board Meeting (1 day in late February / early March)
    • Board and Membership Meetings in Conjunction with Conferences (ie, NACAC and PNACAC)*
    • The president and delegate positions have additional event requirements.




*Please Note: While travel is provided by PNACAC to participate in the summer, winter and spring board meetings, funding for travel and registration may or may not be available to attend board and membership meetings in conjunction with conferences (ie, NACAC and PNACAC). However, PNACAC is committed to engaging members from professional areas that have historically been underrepresented. We realize that individuals from public high schools, community colleges, CBO’s, Idaho, Montana and Alaska often have additional expenses, additional time required for travel and may have less access to institutional support that may hinder their ability to serve and have a voice at the table.

As approved by the membership in September 2019, PNACAC will consider individual requests for assistance from public high schools, community colleges, CBO’s, Idaho, Montana and Alaska to engage in related business should they have out-of-pocket expenses or limited institutional support. Such requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis as assessed by the Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Chair and the Members of the Finance Committee. Seeking assistance will not impact the committee’s review of your application for consideration for the Executive Board. More information is available in the application.