Serving on the PNACAC Board

PNACAC members are part of a professional organization that promotes ethical standards and provides resources, through its members, to guide and empower students as they navigate their post-secondary options. We are able to do this because year after year, our members volunteer to serve on our committees and our Board. Serving on the Executive Board is an exciting opportunity to develop leadership skills, project plan, discuss issues facing our region, and work with other thought leaders on solutions that help shape the future of this organization.

PNACAC Executive Board Positions are three-year term commitments and require work beyond normal hours. Additional details are provided when nominations open each year.


General Election Timeline

  • Early February: Application Opens
  • Late February: Application Closes
  • Early March: Nominations Committee reviews applications, Committee selects Slate of Candidates, Nominations Chair contacts candidates’ Supervisors
  • Mid March: Candidates notified, accept positions
  • Late March: Electronic ballot opens
  • Mid-April: Electronic ballot closes
  • Mid-April, at Annual Conference: Executive Board Meeting - current, outgoing, and incoming board members; Business Meeting - new officers and committee chairs introduced