Executive Board & Leadership

The PNACAC Executive Board’s primary purpose is to provide general direction and policies for PNACAC. The members of the Board include:

All active PNACAC members may be considered for an elected Executive Board position. Any member in good standing may self-nominate or nominate another PNACAC member for consideration by the nominating committee. Care shall be taken to balance representation among segments of its membership.

PNACAC Past Presidents (1965-2015) (PowerPoint slides) - see "Association History" in the Policies & Procedures Manual for a complete list.


2020-2021 Executive Board


Patrick%20Wilson%20Board%20Headshot.png President | NACAC Delegate

Patrick Wilson
Linfield University, McMinnville, Oregon
Term: 2019-2022

Jennifer%20Reeves-Eisbach%20Board%20Headshot.png President-Elect | NACAC Delegate

Jennifer Reeves-Eisbach
Roosevelt High School, Portland, Oregon
Term: 2020-2023

Claire%20NG%20Board%20Headshot.png Past-President | Chief NACAC Delegate

Claire Nold-Glaser
College Planning Help, Bellevue, Washington
Term: 2018-2021

Britten-Nelson-Board-Headshot.png Treasurer

Britten Nelson
University Prep, Seattle, Washington
Term: 2019-2022

Justin-Strohmeyer-Board-Headshot.png Treasurer-Elect

Justin Strohmeyer
Willamette University, Salem, Oregon
Term: 2020-2023

Ari-Worthman-Board-Headshot.png Past Treasurer

Ari Worthman
Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington
Term: 2018-2021

Mollie-Falkner-Board-Headshot.png Secretary

Mollie Falkner
Jesuit High School, Portland, Oregon
Term: 2020-2023






Ann Nault





James-Miller-Board-Headshot.pngAdmission Practices Committee Chair | NACAC Delegate

James Miller
Seattle University, Seattle, Washington
Term: 2018-2021

Oster-Hernandez-Board-Headshot.png Awards & Recognition Committee Chair

Oster Hernandez
College of Western Idaho, Nampa, Idaho
Term: 2018-2021

Melanie-Casciato-Board-Headshot.png Community College Relations & Transfer Advocacy Committee Chair

Melanie Casciato
Columbia Basin College, Pasco, Washington
Term: 2020-2023

Anna-Aegerter-Board-Headshot.png Communications Committee Chair

Anna Aegerter
University of Redlands, Redlands, California (Regional Representative)
Term: Appointed January 2021 to serve through May 2021

Genesis-Meaderds-Board-Headshot.png Diversity, Equity & Access (DEA) Committee Chair | NACAC Delegate

Genesis Meaderds
Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, Oregon
Term: 2018-2021

Donna-Decker-Board-Headshot.png Public Schools Ad Hoc Committee Co-ChairNACAC Delegate

Donna Decker
Timberline High School, Boise, Idaho
Term: 2020-2023

Matt-Allen-Board-Headshot.png Government Relations Committee Chair

Matt Allen
University of Montana Western, Dillon, Montana
Term: 2019 - 2022

Mike-Ouert-Board-Headshot.png Inter-Association Committee Chair

Mike Ouert
Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
Term: 2020-2023

Stephen-Russell-Board-Headshot.png Membership Committee Chair

Stephen Russell
Bishop Blanchet High School, Seattle, Washington
Term: 2019-2022

Sarah-Seeborg-Board-Headshot.png Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

Sarah Seeborg
Portland Community College Early College High School, Portland, Oregon
Term: 2018-2021

Sydney-Montgomery-Board-Headshot.pngProfessional Development Committee Co-Chair

Sydney Montgomery
Boise State University, Boise, Idaho
Term: 2020-2023

Jocelyn-DeJong-Board-Headshot.png Regional College Fairs Co-Chair

Jocelyn De Jong
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Term: 2019-2022

Myndee-Ronning-Board-Headshot.pngRegional College Fairs Co-Chair

Myndee Ronning
Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington
Term: 2020-2023

Betsy-Cowin-Board-Headshot.png Scholarships Committee Chair | NACAC Delegate

Betsy Cowin
Asotin Middle School & High School, Asotin, Washington
Term: 2018-2021

Erin Jensem headshot Technology Committee Chair

Erin Jensen
Washington State University Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington
Term: Appointed January 2021 to serve through May 2021




Jen-Rucier-Headshot.pngConferences & Events Coordinator

Jen Rucier
College Search Solution, Bellevue, Washington

Claire-Silva-Board-Headshot.pngSeattle NACAC Conference 2021 Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair

Claire Silva
Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

JimS-Headshot.pngSeattle NACAC Conference 2021 Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair

Jim Sargent
The Bush School, Seattle, Washington


Boise National Fair Chair, David Chehey

Boise High School, Boise, Idaho

Portland National Fair Chair, Joe Bernard
Valley Catholic School, Beaverton, Oregon

Seattle National Fair Chair, Jim Sargent
The Bush School, Seattle, Washington

Spokane National Fair Chair, Cathy McMeekan
McMeekan College Consulting, Spokane, Washington



Boise Fair Chair, Ramon Silva
Assistant Director of Admissions, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Central Oregon Fair Chair, Danny Cecchini
Bend Center Director, Eastern Oregon University

Douglas County Fair Chair, Jim Early
Career Center Director, Roseburg High School, Roseburg, Oregon

Mid-Willamette Fair Chair, Joelle Goodwin
Senior Assistant Director for Recruitment and Administration, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

Portland Fair Chair, Jose Cazares
Admissions Counselor, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon

Seattle Fair Chair, Doreen Thode
Admissions Counselor, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington

Snohomish County Fair Chair, Melinda Thornton
Lynnwood High School, Bothell, Washington

Southern Oregon/Northern California Fair Chair, Ian Parent
Associate Director of Admissions, Southern Oregon University

Spokane Fair Chair, Carie Weeks
Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

Tacoma Fair Chair, Mike Rottersman
University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

Thurston County Fair Chair, Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs
St. Martin's University, Lacey, Washington

Tri-Cities Fair Chair, Melanie Casciato
Columbia Basin College, Pasco, Washington